Dent Repair

Our dent repair service will help to remove all minor dings that may occur to your car

Chips and Dents Away offer free estimates around Colchester, this consists of us coming to inspect the damages done to your vehicle in question to provide you with a cost-effective quote. Furthermore we offer a wide range of in-house services these will include; dent repair, scratch repair and many more.

Our dent repair service will help to remove all minor dings that may occur to your car over time, from little bumps on the road to major reversing mishaps, our dent removal specialists will see to whatever state your vehicle may be in.

The experience of our workers here at Chips and Dents Away meaning we’re one of the more professional dent repair companies within the Colchester constituency. Our swift and efficient repair process makes for an advantageous outlook for all clientele due to the increase of schedules and time frames, as not one person, in this generation has vast amounts of free time.

Alloy Wheel Repair
Alloy Wheel Repair
However, although we maintain an efficient and swift repair process we do not lower our standards expected when clients may come into the workshop, and this therefore promotes our notoriety. We will always strive to better ourselves and our reputation.

Our customer policy of ‘In and out’ is a customer goal rather than a business plan. We know life gets more and more difficult without a vehicle, especially when you get older; when you have your own family to worry about, a house to look after, it all just mounts up. So, this is why we promise to get your vehicle ‘in and out’ as quickly as we can. Whilst maintaining the level of work we have built a reputation on. The dent repair team are known especially for their haste in their customers needs and understands the awkward situation you, as the client, have been placed into. Whether your fault or somebody else, it is still an inconvenience for you!









we also work with 88 Motors

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Raving Fans

The team at Chips and Dents couldn’t do enough to help with what was just a simple scratch repair. They were very professional and polite in their approach. I had a great experience and will be recommending to my family and friends.


R Nyande
I had such an easy time dealing with the guys at Chips and Dents Away, I’ve often been sceptical when it comes to these sorts of things but they put me at ease right away and did a really good job. I’m happy with my car, looking brand new and ready to go. I have the confidence to say I will definitely be coming back should I need to in the future. Thank you


B. Brooks
Came in to get a little scratch on my bumper sorted, ended up coming out with a polish as well. The boys were really comforting and  from start to finish were quick and methodical with what they were doing.


J. Grant