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Dent Removal Colchester

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Chips And Dents Away

“Best Mobile Car Dent Removal Service In Colchester”

Have you got a horrible scratch, a dent on the side or a chip of paint missing? At Chips and Dents Away understand how frustrating it is when you spend so much on a car for noticeable marks, chips, and dents to appear. 

Dent Removal Colchester

With our low prices, you receive a high-quality job done and your car or vehicle to be looking almost brand new again. 

We guarantee dent removals, new paintwork, wheel repairs and much more to be done to an excellent standard. 

Our professional and qualified team are happy to answer any questions whether it is about smart repair, alloy repair and dent removal in Colchester. 

How Does It Work?

With our dent removals service, there is no need to panic. We operate a smooth-running service to avoid stress and disappointment when results are displayed. Our friendly and experienced team is only here to help you. We take every job seriously. 

Depending on the size and location, our team will carefully pick the most appropriate tools for your dent removal. Our trusted technicians have great care and passion for their jobs and customer care to ensure the best results for you. They are happy to answer any questions about dent removals, future problems or any other service we can provide for you.

Smart Repair Colchester

We build a better experience for car owners

Smart Repair Colchester

We build a better experience for car owners

The Best Chips And Dent Removal In Colchester

Dent removals may look complicated and in some cases almost impossible to remove but with our dedicated team of experts we go above and beyond to avoid failure as a dent will not beat us!

If you would like your dent removal today contact us and we’ll give you a quote!









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What our customers say…

The team at Chips and Dents couldn’t do enough to help with what was just a simple scratch repair. They were very professional and polite in their approach. I had a great experience and will be recommending to my family and friends.


R Nyande

I had such an easy time dealing with the guys at Chips and Dents Away, I’ve often been sceptical when it comes to these sorts of things but they put me at ease right away and did a really good job. I’m happy with my car, looking brand new and ready to go. I have the confidence to say I will definitely be coming back should I need to in the future. Thank you


B. Brooks

Came in to get a little scratch on my bumper sorted, ended up coming out with a polish as well. The boys were really comforting and  from start to finish were quick and methodical with what they were doing.


J. Grant