Mobile Car Scratch Repairs

With all our services, we ensure that customers satisfaction is at its highest level, and our customer reviews prove this. 

Mobile Car Scratch Repairs

Mobile car scratch repairs are not only unsightly, but will affect your car’s value. Furthermore ignoring the scratch can lead to your car’s paintwork becoming chronic and escalating rust problems – meaning you could needlessly spending extra to resolve. 

With Chips & Dents Away your car scratch repair means that your costly body shop repair is avoidable as we are cost-effective and provide high quality to all our clients – and most importantly, we come to your door! 

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We build a better experience for car owners

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We build a better experience for car owners

Smart Mobile Car Scratch Repairs

SMART stands for Small (to) Medium Area Repair Technology – it is a technique for repairing small areas of car bodywork that has been damaged. Smart car repair uses specialist tools, paints and materials to blend the repair to the surrounding area of a vehicle. This technique is quicker and cheaper than traditional car scratch repairs. 

Chips And Dents Away will complete car scratch repairs quickly and conveniently whilst keeping the service cost-effective and high quality. Chips And Dents Away can fix a large range of car scratches, such as keyed cars or stone chips. 

Quick And Convenient Service

Typically, Chips And Dents Away mobile car scratch repairs service will only take a few hours to fix at a discounted price compared to the traditional body shop charge. Be rest assured that choosing Chips And Dents Away means that you are getting the best price in Colchester for mobile car scratch repairs as we can fix this without having to paint the entire area just to fix one scratch.  As well as charging an excellent price, all car scratch repairs undertaken by Chips And Dents Away has been fixed professionally and with full guarantee! 

Why You Chips And Dents Away?

Chips And Dents Away have a large amount of experience in bodyshop repairs. We have a fantastic reputation for providing fast and high quality SMART mobile car scratch repairs! 

We are also specialists in alloy wheel repairs, dent removals, bumper scuffs and car polishing. 

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Our Services

Bumper Scuffs

These are one of the most common issues that you will encounter whilst driving. It is important that they are seen to as soon as possible to prevent extending the damage further.  

Alloy wheels

Alloy wheel damages can be very severe. Our expert team will be able to fully restore or replace your alloys for you, as quick and efficiently and possible. 


 We offer an extensive list of bodywork services. We are qualified to remove any minor belmishes to your bodywork, restoring your car to its former glory. 


We also offer a full and deep polish for your car, so that you leave looking even better than you came in.

Benefits of Chips and Dents Away

Original & Best Solutions

Chips & Dents Away offer the best solution to manage and fix your vehicle issues. Being established for 5 years. we understand the best solutions.

More cost-effective than our competitors

Chips & Dents Away are proven to be the most price-efficient vehicle repair service out of all of our competitors within the local area


Convenient for you

Chips & Dents Away offer the best solution to manage and fix your vehicle issues. Being established for 5 years. We understand the best solutions.

Direct to our cosutomers

Chips & Dents Away offer the best solution to manage and fix your vehicle issues. Being established for 5 years. we understand the best solutions.

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Customer Satisfaction 

The team at Chips and Dents couldn’t do enough to help with what was just a simple scratch repair. They were very professional and polite in their approach. I had a great experience and will be recommending to my family and friends.


R Nyande

I had such an easy time dealing with the guys at Chips and Dents Away, I’ve often been sceptical when it comes to these sorts of things but they put me at ease right away and did a really good job. I’m happy with my car, looking brand new and ready to go. I have the confidence to say I will definitely be coming back should I need to in the future. Thank you


B. Brooks

Came in to get a little scratch on my bumper sorted, ended up coming out with a polish as well. The boys were really comforting and  from start to finish were quick and methodical with what they were doing.


J. Grant